Our Speakers
Do not miss this unique opportunity to get acquainted with renowned speakers during our two-day conference
  • Artem Sirazutdinov
    Managing Partner / Chairman of the Board of Directors
    Sistema JSFC / Medsi Group
  • Director
    Russia Partners
  • Partner
    Baring Vostok Capital Partners
  • Nadezhda Ermakova
    Executive Director
    A&NN Investments
  • Andrey Yanovskiy
    European Medical Center
  • Yuri Andreychuk
    CEO and Founder
    Laboratory service «Helix»
  • Dmitry Naberezhnev
    Bain & Company
  • Sergey Sidorov
    Chairman of the Board of Directors
    Chain of clinics "Medskan'
  • Deputy General Director for Development
    MD Medical Group "Mother and Child"
  • CEO
    Senior Group
  • Vladimir Gurdus
    Founding Partner / Co-founder
    Team Drive / Chain of clinics "Doctor Ryadom"
  • CEO
    Chain of clinics "Bud Zdorov", Chain of clinics "Open Clinic", Robo-Med
  • General Director
    Group of Companies "Expert"
  • Sergey Ambrosov
    Chief Operating Officer
    LabQuest Laboratories
  • Yuri Leonov
    KDL Laboratories
  • Rodion Stupin
    Chief Operating Officer
    Medsi Group
  • Head of Analytical Group,
    RBC Market Research
  • Executive Director
  • Ilya Kobyakov
    Managing Partner
    TealTech Capital
  • Anatoly Zinger
    General Director