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Testimonials 2020
"Doctor Ryadom" Holding
Investment Director
I liked the participants' openness to communication, sharing experience and discussing development plans. The conference was extremely useful for a quick immersion and understanding of the current status of processes in the industry, understanding the main tasks and solutions, understanding the trends followed by the largest players. Besides, we managed to get to know several new members and build a communication that can give a start to future cooperation.
Commercial Director
The presented reports, participants, the format of the moderators' work - allows you to feel the reality of what is happening in the industry, assess the scale of changes and approve your own development strategies.
Exacte Labs
Head of Clinical Diagnostics
I liked the organisation, the reports. Certainly an interesting and useful conference, I definitely recommend it.
Chain of clinicsis LINLINE
General Director
More practical nature of the reports (compared to last year), available opportunities to discuss with the speakers. The most useful are case studies and communication with colleagues, catalysing insights for business.
National Medical Network
Investment Director
I liked the organisation, the panel of speakers.
State Novosibirsk Regional Clinical Hospital
Head of Commercial Department
The second day of the conference, its session on management and anti-crisis solutions, was the most interesting for me. In general, the conference was useful and informatively rich for me. Thanks to the organisers!
Russia News
Up-to-date, systematic and open information on the main issues in the Healthcare sector. The conference expands understanding of where the field is heading, what trends are expected, the needs of society and the formation of consumer demand. The speakers are mega-professionals in their fields. I recommend the conference to everyone who is involved in the field of Healthcare as a must-attend event of the year.
Family clinic Kosma
Executive Director
Speakers, trends, new perspectives and ideas.
Association of Cancer Organisations of Siberia and the Far East
I liked the outspoken and honest reports of the participants, the active discussion.
Russia Partners
Many thanks to the organisers of the conference, who from year to year bring together the best, most energetic, visionary and courageous leaders of commercial healthcare. Everything is very interesting. I will recommend it to my colleagues.
Testimonials 2019
Association of private clinics of St. Petersburg
A very useful and interesting conference with high-level reports. Networking with colleagues and experts at the Healthcare investments conference is a great opportunity to create new business contacts.
MRC "Sputnik in Komarovo"
Development Director
The conference was useful, first of all, for understanding the commonality of a number of internal problems of the medical business. Implemented solutions allow "not reinventing the wheel". Alternative points of view provide an opportunity to look at the essence of the problem and its solution from a new angle, to rethink your own approach.
Renaissance Capital
Vice President
The conference was interesting and useful. Good level of speakers. Learned latest trends / market players' perspectives
Medical Center XXI century
Head of Planning and Economic Administration
The conference was useful - in 2 days, a snapshot of the situation in the industry and the formation of an understanding of trends, adjusting your vision
The entire conference was interesting, speakers who attended were company owners and CEOs, it was interesting to listen
Philosophy of beauty and health
General Director
The conference is useful, hight level of speakers. I do recommend conference to my colleagues.
The conference was very useful, all the reports were quite informative and interesting.
Ramsey Diagnostics
Managing Director
It is always interesting to see people with hands-on experience at the conference
Healthcare Unit of Severstal
Chief Medical Officer
Good organisation. It was interesting to exchange experiences with the participants. High level of speakers.
Deputy General Director for Medical Affairs
Thank you, it was very interesting.
Laboratuar De Zheny
General Director
Конференция полезна. Коллегам рекомендую
Testimonials 2018
The conference is very useful for two reasons: (1) interesting topics are discussed, quite openly and with details and numbers, (2) all key players gather in one place, so you can meet all the right people on the sidelines of the conference.
"Kontact", InterSearch Russia
CEO, Managing Partner
Many thanks to the organisers for carrying out the event and well thought-out program! The conference was useful, there were many interesting speakers and practical, applicable information. The conference provided an excellent opportunity to create new business contacts, to meet with colleagues and clients. We will recommend this event for visiting business colleagues.
Russia Partners
A very useful conference. It helps to look at the industry from the outside and in the long run, to better understand what colleagues are doing, who is moving where, what new and interesting ideas are
Independent Expert
The conference, as always, was extremely useful and interesting. High level of the speakers should be noted out. I find this conference useful for colleagues from the industry who are attracting or planning to attract investments
The conference is certainly useful, we definitely recommend this event to colleagues and partners
Public Relations Manager
High level of reports, relevant topics, the event reflects the problems of the industry
Member of the Board of Directors
The conference was held at the good level. The program also included rather topical questions. Recommend
Chief Analyst
Insightful content, interesting speakers, excellent organisation. Thank you!
VEB Infra
Senior Specialist
The conference was useful, high level of organisation, interesting speakers
State Novosibirsk Regional Clinical Hospital
Head of Commercial Department
The conference is definitely useful. High level presentations
Medical unit "Severstal"
Chief Medical Officer
The conference is useful. High level.
RVC InfraFund
Investment Director
The event is definitely useful, I will recommend it to my colleagues
Herbert Smith Freehills
Great event!
Testimonials 2017
Thank you so much to organisers for holding such an important event. It was useful to listen different speakers from different companies. Mutual enrichment with ideas and knowledge is a useful pastime!
Modern Medical Technologies
Chief Operating Officer
I liked presentations, there were many detailed examples and statistics. High level of speakers and audience. I managed to establish many business contacts and discuss interaction.
Sberbank Investments
An unexpectedly high level of speakers, strong moderators, proper organisation for creating business contacts
Deputy General Director for Commerce
Separately, I would like to note the high level of organisation of the conference and a good selection of topics and speakers - lately this is a rarity for the conferences. We will be happy to take part in your further events.
Chief Medical Officer
Everything to the point, clear, interesting and content-rich. Unfortunately, such conferences are not held in our region, so participation in the conference for me is like a breath of fresh knowledge and a new vision, an opportunity to listen to high-level experts and communicate with interesting people.
Ramsey Diagnostics
Managing Partner
Thank you for organising. It was interesting to exchange experiences with a colleagues
A&NN Group
Chief Operating Officer
The conference was useful, where relevant practical issues were discussed. This is a good opportunity to create new business contacts.
Heraklion Foundation
Assistant to the President of the Foundation
Useful conference from many points of view
CC Udarnic
Deputy CEO
Useful conference as it provides a comprehensive perspective on the industry
Linklaters CIS
Associate, BD PSL
I liked everything very much
Chain of clinics Sadko
Head of development
Thank you for organising an interesting and practical event at a high level. The reports fully met expectations
Association "Federation of Laboratory Medicine"
Executive Director
Great as always!
Branch hospital Belgorod Russian Railways
Chief Medical Officer
Original reports, demonstrating modern methods of achieving the set goal
Commercial Director
Handsome organisation, pleasant atmosphere, high level of speakers
GBUZ NSO "State Novosibirsk Regional Clinical Hospital"
Head of Commercial Department
Selection of relevant topics disclosed. Very effective networking
Everything was very well organised
Sberbank life insurance
Head of Alternative Investments
The conference was useful
North-West Center for Evidence-Based Medicine
Head of Regional Projects
The conference provided new ideas and contacts. Thank you so much.
Thank you for the excellent organisation of the conference.
MC "Alenka"
Chief Medical Officer
Great networking, thank you
Herbert Smith Freehills
Lawyer, infrastructure and PPP projects
All perfect! A very interesting event and a huge amount of valuable information
Chain of medical centers LECHU.RU
Commercial Director
Great event. Interesting speakers
Chief Analyst
Great organisation. Interesting contacts
Russia Partners
I liked it very much. Excellent selection of topics, speakers, good organisation
Online Health
A very interesting event, all the speakers had an excellent presentations
Mashuk Aqua-Therm
Excellent, very interesting
Interesting, useful
Testimonials 2016
LMS Clinic
General Director
The conference has been useful in terms of case studies of implementation of strategic initiatives presented by the speakers possessing high level of industry expertise. The usefulness and interestingness of these topics and the level of speakers I mark with 5-points out of 5. The conference had ample opportunities for creating new business contacts, incl. - the length of presentations and breaks were well balanced.
Sputnik Investments
Director of investment projects
An excellent modern event, a wide range of issues are covered, speakers are representatives of leading companies in the field.
Managing Director
The permanent composition of the participants is dignity of the conference. Interesting to observe the dynamics of industry understanding presented by experts
As in the past year, it was interesting, there were a lot of specific numbers and live communication. Continue in the same spirit!
Independent Director
Interesting presentations from the really largest players in the private healthcare market in Russia
AFK Sistema
Project Manager
The agenda of reports was relevant, case studies considered were interesting and useful, acquaintance and communication in an informal atmosphere with col- leagues made it possible to assess the general mood of the industry and the optimisation mechanisms in difficult market conditions.
"Group of companies "Mother and Child", Samara"
General Director
Value of the conference is based on panel discus- sions where the topic is all-roundly discussed with the further possibility of direct dialogue with the speakers for clarification. There are opportunities to create new business contacts among industry professionals.
Member of the Board of Directors
It was very interesting conference - thank you very much
Russia Partners
An excellent conference: versatile speakers of the very high level, wonderful selection of relevant topics of discussion, interesting discussions on the sidelines
I liked everything very much
Siemens Finance
Manager OVB
The conference is interesting, useful from the point of view of practical projects in the Russia, and the development system
Chief Medical Officer
Thank you for organising the conference. There was an interesting list of participants
Siemens Finance
Manager OVB
The conference is interesting, useful from the point of view of practical projects in Russia, and the development system. Handsome organisation, interesting presentations. The PPP topic is also very relevant
Deputy General Director
Thank you, very interesting and informative
Rehabilitation center "Three sisters"
Financial Director
The conference was helpful. The level of the speakers is generally high. The conference presented an opportunity to create new business contacts
Siemens Healthcare
Sales Director
Wonderful event
Mix Research
Head of Quantitative Research
The conference had a high level of both speakers and audience, everything was as interesting and useful as possible. The audience felt the need for each of the reports I have listened to. I managed to make acquaintances with interesting people with the prospect of further cooperation
DMG Company
The conference was useful
Senior manager
It was interesting and helpful. Especially topics related to forecasts and perspects on the development of the industry, understanding the pressing issues of the main players
Russian Standard Insurance
Deputy General Director
Actual topics
VIY Management
Investment Manager
I listened with an interest to the macroeconomist's perspective on the commercial healthcare sector. It was useful to listen about new projects, and industry-specific things. The discussion of the players was pretty revealing
Association "Federation of Laboratory Medicine"
Executive Director
Everything was interesting! Thank you!
Chain of clinics «Sadko»
Deputy General Director
In general, everything was fine: organised, punctual, friendly, interesting. Interesting and useful conference
Euromed Group
Executive director
Everything is awesome
Testimonials 2015
Laboratory «DiaLab»
General Director
There were many exact figures and case studies from the experience of colleagues. The conference had a good atmosphere for establishing new business contacts.
General Director
Everything was top level. Many thanks to the organisers of this conference. Rarely can you meet so many medicine professionals and simply smart people in one place.
«Labnet» (Kazakhstan)
Financial Director,
The organisation of the conference was at the high level, interesting speakers, practical nature of the information presented.
Russia Partners
Managing Partner
The conference was very useful, covered important topics and attracted a well-balanced audience, both from investors and healthcare professionals side
Group of companies "Mother and Child", Samara
General Director
Value of the conference is based on panel discussions where the topic is all-roundly discussed with the further possibility of direct dialogue with the speakers for clarification. There are opportunities to create new business contacts among industry professionals
Biopharmaceutical company «FORT»
Financial Director
Great opportunity to make new business contacts
Investment Fund «Strategy»
Investment Director
Very useful event, which provided an opportunity to talk with industry peers and learn latest market trends
Testimonials 2014
Deputy Director of the Industry and Services Department of direct investments
It has been extremely interesting and useful to hear the views of the current situation on the Russian market of medical services from leading private healthcare operators have the opportunity alive to witness the discussions on the most pressing issues between the participants and guests of the conference. We would like to mention the opportunity to get a first-hand look at detailed market and its prospects on the part of representatives of leading private equity funds, which in addition to the systemic vision of the industry shared specific examples from personal experience, including international.
Head of Analytical Department,
The conference presented practical experience of the market participants related to the actual transactions. A lot of unique information, which is not available anywhere else
«Hemotest» Laboratory
Deputy Financial Director
The organisation and conduct of the event at a high level
French Embassy
Expert for healthcare
In my opinion all the presentations were complementary. It should be noted professional approach to the selection of speakers and relevance of the presentations
Euromed Group
Executive Director
Everything was perfect ... great format
Russia Partners
It's very useful exchange of views and opportunity to establish new contacts in the industry
Medical Director
I liked everything, thank you!
Frost & Sullivan
Consulting Analyst
I liked the discussional format of the event which allowed exchange of views
Da Vinci Capital
Managing Director
Your conference was very useful for our fund
VTB Bank
Director of public and defence sectors department
Organised and carried out at a good professional level
Senior Associate
High level speakers, well-chosen theme, successful format